Are you an orchid of a daisy?

A friend once explained temperament like this.

Have you ever tried to grow an orchid? They can be hard work. They need exactly the right amount of sun, the perfect amount of water and the exact potting mix to flourish. And if you dare move them from their perfect spot, then you're in trouble.

But daisies? They're easy. They grow anywhere and every where. By the beach, in drought, in parks. Kids trample on them, dogs pee on them and they just keep on growing.

People are like this too. Some people have a hypersensitive temperament, like an orchid. The conditions need to be just right for them to feel okay, and if one thing changes, then everything else feels like it is thrown off balance. Other people are just cruising through life and aren't bothered by much.

Temperament is something you are born with. So if you are an orchid, then you can't change that. but you can learn to be more tolerant of things changing and more skilful in how you respond. 

And one last thing. Orchids are stunning, unique and my type of people.