Do you ever has those days when you feel like you don't know who you are? Maybe you fit in differently with different social groups and it leaves you feeling confused? 

Try our Identity Matrix worksheet to identify all of the different aspects of you.

You can download this handout from our Members Resources page. 

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Need to get to know yourself better?


Jordan Peterson and his colleagues have developed an online program which can help people untangle the chaos of their past and present and form an achievable vision for their future.  The results some people achieve are extraordinary. It helps people to reconcile the difficulties of their past. It helps people make sense of themselves. It is a tool which can help those who don't have a cohesive sense of their identity. Be warned, it can be transformative. 

 Just a heads up - it's not free. It's about $30 USD, but that's for 2 users, so you can give the program away to someone once you've signed yourself up.