Skills Before Pills

Save PRN Medications for Emergencies

PRN comes from the Latin term Pro Re Nata which means 'when the circumstance requires it'. Some find it easier to remember it as Per Required Need. These medications are sedating which will reduce arousal to “take the edge off” the feeling of distress. They can be very tempting to reach for when you are feeling overwhelmed. While these medications serve their purpose, a reliance on them long term can cause more problems later on. They disempower you and rob you of an opportunity to be courageous.


It is way more beneficial to learn skills to manage your distress to create meaningful change for your future. Knowing that you have the ability to manage any emotion or feeling that you experience will increase your confidence and reduce your dependence on PRN medication.

This handout has a list of skills you can use BEFORE you reach for PRN medication. 

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