Coping with COVID

Coping with COVID at home

Responding effectively to the COVID crisis

An approach to keeping important elements of life on track during a difficult time. Being deliberate will help you cope with COVID. Make your own version of the Wellness Wheel with the elements that are important  to you. 

Wellness Wheel

A quick check in on self care

This worksheet accompanies the video from Jess and Dr Al about coping with COVID-19 and remembering to keep an eye on your self-care, even in isolation or lockdown. 

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Our approach matters

A 'Warrior' versus 'Worrier' approach

Dr Al suggests that if you catch yourself acting  in 'worrier' mode, gently try to nudge that behaviour into a 'warrior' approach. Doing so will make things more tolerable, not doing so may erode resilience. 

Russ Harris

Responding effectively to the COVID crisis

Some helpful ideas on coping in these crazy circumstances