The power of vulnerability

Brené Brown

What can I say. This woman embodies her own message of being brave enough to show her vulnerability. She is teaching the world that vulnerability is not a dirty word; it is not something to be ashamed of, and when channelled appropriately, can be one of the most important qualities of being human.

Check out the Queen of Vulnerability in this TED talk. 

Still not convinced?

More Brene Brown

Feeling vulnerable is uncomfortable. It is so tempting to just shove it down, pretend it's not there and get on with life.Trust me, that strategy is time limited. 

Here Brené talks about the consequences of trying to numb our darker experiences and implores us to practise gratitude as we honour the ordinary. 

Striving and Self Acceptance

Tim Ferris and Brene Brown: Ep 409


How do you balance accepting yourself with pushing yourself to be better? How do you save a marriage when you're both exhausted? Brene Brown discusses the importance of being curious about your future. And then there is something about TikTok...?

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