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This Way Up - Online psychological courses

Psychoeducation and skills


Dr Al previously worked at ThisWayUp. He has no ongoing affiliation but he was impressed at the recovery rate of people who did their online courses. About 50% of people who completed the six session Mixed Mood and Anxiety course no longer met diagnostic criteria for their disorder.


That's huge.


It's not free, but at AUD$59.00 it's a lot cheaper than medications or six psychologist sessions.

Don't suffer from depression in silence

Nikki Webber Allen

One of the biggest messages that we need to get out about mental illness, particularly depression, is that seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. As this woman shares her personal story of being diagnosed with depression, it reinforces the point that we need to be talking about mental illness more, not less. 

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The Mood Spectrum

Psychoeducation on different types of mood disorders

Here is one doctor who thinks maybe we have the diagnostic labels wrong, and prefers the term mood spectrum, rather than lumping people into categories of unipolar depression or bipolar disorders. 

He's got some pretty interesting ideas about Bipolar 2 Disorder, and offers his take on diagnosis and treatment.